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Mistletoe & Menage (MFM) by Elizabeth Raines, Cheryl Brooks, Bethany Michaels, Mellanie Szereto, Niki Hayes #HolidayRomance #Anthology

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Sextet Anthology 5]

Are there visions of sugarplums dancing in your head? Or are you wishing for a package filled with hot, sweet love for Christmas? If so, then be sure to check your stocking for the latest installment of the Sextet Anthologies, Mistletoe & Ménage.

The Sextet elves have been making a list and checking it twice to include something for every taste, whether naughty or nice. They’ve got the man—or men—of your dreams all tied up with ribbons and bows and ready for delivery just in time for your Christmas enjoyment. These guys are guaranteed to jingle your sleigh bells, deck your halls, and take you walking in a winter wonderland of sensuous treats. So, whether you want one, two, or even three sexy Santas beneath your Christmas tree this year, curl up with a cup of steaming hot chocolate and let us fulfill your Christmas wishes like never before!

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Home for Christmas by Elizabeth Raines [M/F/M, contemporary] Childhood friends Jayne Reynolds, Steve Mason, and Matt Wagner were always The Three Musketeers, sharing everything. When the three of them become Yuletide lovers, will the consequences tear apart their lifelong friendship or lead them to a happily ever after for three?


Angel on Broadway by Cheryl Brooks [M/F/M, contemporary with paranormal elements] 

Still mourning her late husband, Ariel Nathanson is drawn to the music of downtown Nashville. Alexei and Nico Tomaris are two Greek cousins playing in a country band. Alexei has carried a torch for Ariel for years, but Nico found her first. Sharing her isn’t an option—or is it?


Thrice Upon a Yuletide by Bethany Michaels [M/F/M, historical] 

The best of friends since their youth, Anna, Stephen, and Phillip have always shared everything, including a marriage bed. But when Stephen, Viscount Avonmore, makes a desperate request of his oldest friend on Christmas Eve, the ties between all three lovers begin to fray and they begin to wonder if their unconventional love can weather the approaching storm.


A Little Elfin Magic by Mellanie Szereto [M/F/M, contemporary, bondage, sex toys] 

When Noelle Merriweather's best friends ask her to play Mrs. Claus, she insists that they dress up too—as elves, complete with tights. Christopher Greene and Nick Slater claim the costumes will give them erectile dysfunction, but will they refuse her offer to test-drive their equipment after the party?


Two Kisses Under the Mistletoe by Niki Hayes [M/F/M, contemporary] 

Julie Logan hasn’t felt much since her grandmother passed away, but she’s hoping for a Christmas miracle when she returns home to Iris Hills, where she reconnects with her high school friends John and Keith. Can these two sexy men help her find what she’s looking for under the Mistletoe?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Sextet is a Siren-exclusive group.


HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Elizabeth Raines

Everything inside her tightened at the thought of having Steve’s erection in her mouth at the same time that Matt fucked her. Her heart was slamming in her chest, and she feared for a moment that she would come again before they even got started. Thinking of mundane things didn’t help much, so she surrendered, drawing Steve’s cock between her lips and swirling her tongue around the mushroom head as she heard Matt ripping open the wrapper and unrolling the condom over his dick.

The gentle prodding of his erection against her cunt made her whimper and suck hard. Steve tugged on her hair, the sting only adding to the sensations ripping through her.

“Jaynie? Honey?” Matt asked, his voice squeaking enough to make her heart smile.

Not wanting to stop the pleasure of blowing Steve, she wiggled her hips and pressed back against Matt, hoping he’d understand that not only did he have her permission, she needed to feel him inside her. A heartbeat later, that enormous cock filled her completely, making her truly happy for the first time in her life.

Her men loved her. She could feel it in every touch, hear it in every word. That thought sent her senses soaring.


ANGEL ON BROADWAY by Cheryl Brooks

Alexei chuckled. “We’ll let you drive next time, but right now, your teeth are chattering. Better let Nico kiss you and warm you up.”

Nico acted on this suggestion without hesitation. As soon as his lips touched hers, blood rushed to her core, flooding it with heat. Hands that had been chilled and nervous now found solace as her fingers threaded through his thick hair, pulling him closer. Luscious kisses rained down on her face, blazing a path to her neck. Just a few short hours ago, Ariel couldn’t even remember having met this man before, and yet she had no fear of him, no distrust. Arching her neck, she exposed it to him like a vampire’s willing victim.

Only he didn’t bite. A swipe of his tongue marked the beginning of a different path, one that returned him to where he began. Sucking her full lower lip into his mouth, he teased it gently before delving inside to caress her tongue. His hands held her face and then pushed back her hood, allowing his fingers to thread through her hair.

Anxious to learn the contours and textures of his skin, she sought to reach more of it, her fingers finding their way beneath his jacket, touching briefly on the chain around his neck before slipping under his shirt. Need forced her words out in a hoarse whisper. “I want you naked.”

Again, he didn’t hesitate. Stripping off his jacket, he pulled the shirt over his head and then unbuckled his belt. In seconds, his jeans were around his ankles and his stiff cock stood like a sentinel between them. He leaned back against the door with his knees spread wide. His masculine scent drove her mad, and the soft light from the dashboard cast its glow on a nude male form that was nothing short of… “Perfect.”

“Touch me, Ariel,” he begged. “Put your hands all over me.”

He shuddered as her fingertips traced patterns across his chest and arms, skimming down his abdomen until they brushed the slick head of his cock. As she ran a finger over the slit, his muscles contracted, sending more moisture flowing down over the smooth glans. Suddenly, touching wasn’t enough. Bringing a hand to her lips, she licked his salty fluid from her fingertips. “Mmm…you even taste good.”

Nico drew in a ragged breath. “Then suck me—please.”

As she leaned toward his cock, a hand on her back reminded her that she and Nico were not alone. Alexei groaned as his hand slid down over her ass. “You’re making me wish this was July, rather than December. You need to be naked, too.”

Ariel quivered as he cupped the fullest part of her bottom and squeezed. His touch sent tremors of excitement coursing through her clit until it was so tightly engorged it hurt. She unbuttoned her jeans and shoved them down to her knees. Pulling up the back of her coat, she knelt on the seat, offering herself to Alexei. “How’s that?”

His startled gasp told her all she needed to know. “Holy shit. You expect me to fuckin’ drive with your gorgeous ass aimed right at me?”

“Uh-huh. Keep your eyes on the road and your left hand on the wheel while I suck the cum out of Nico.” She aimed a wicked grin over her shoulder. “What you do with your right hand is up to you.”


THRICE UPON A YULETIDE by Bethany Michaels

“God in Heaven,” he breathed. “Come here.”

“And if I do not?” she said, teasing him. It had always been so between them. Love, laughter, companionship, and desire. Always there had been desire. She would hate for anything to cause the easy way between them to change.

“If you do not,” he said, undoing the buttons at the high waist of his trousers, “I will be forced to take matters into my own hands.”

“Perhaps I might like to see such a thing,” Anna said, moving closer.

“Would you?”

She nodded. “Perhaps.”

“You are a naughty wench tonight.”

Getting to her knees before him, Anna watched as Stephen opened his trousers and raised his shirt a bit, revealing his thick, hard cock, already glistening at the tip in evidence of his need for her. He unfastened his braces from the buttons at the top of his trousers and widened the opening so that his cock was framed nicely in the V of dark fabric.

Anna could not take her eyes off his sex.

“Do you see anything you like?” He stroked himself once, root to tip, and Anna felt her body flush with need, rather than embarrassment.

She licked her suddenly dry lips and forced her eyes back to his. “Perhaps.”

He smiled, with love and desire shining from the green depths. “I quite like what I see.”

Anna brought her hands to her bare breasts and massaged, tugging at her nipples until they were hard, sensitive points.

Stephen stroked himself a little faster, his eyes glossy and dark, fixed on her breasts. Anna raised a little and stroked one hand down her ribcage to her belly. She circled her navel with one fingertip, then went lower, her flat palm gliding over her sex.

Sensation exploded between her thighs, causing warmth to flood the lower portion of her belly and spread outward. She groaned and closed her eyes for a brief second before fixing her gaze once again on her husband.

He stroked himself a little faster now, his face flushed and perspiration dotting his brow. “Touch yourself, Anna.”

Needing no encouragement, Anna slid her fingers through the slick heat and into her sex.

“My God,” Stephen breathed, the air hissing between his teeth. “You are amazing.”

Anna moved her fingers in and out of her sex, stroking herself faster. She added a second finger and brought her free hand back to her sensitive nipples. Pressure built deep within her, coiling her muscles tight.

Breathing raggedly, she focused on her own pleasure and on Stephen’s large, sure hands handling his cock, squeezing and stroking himself. Suddenly, her own fingers were not enough.

“I want you inside me, Stephen,” she said, getting to her feet. He slid a little lower on the settee and she climbed atop his lap, her knees on either side of his thighs.


A LITTLE ELFIN MAGIC by Mellanie Szereto

“Time to suit up.” Tearing off a package, she tossed the rest of the condoms on the end table. She ripped open the one in her hand as she rounded the couch and sank to her knees in front of Nick. Then she rolled on the latex.

As she started to stand, he snagged her lacy thong and dragged it down her incredible legs. “I want you naked, honey. Gotta have a taste of those gorgeous tits.”

Chris couldn’t agree more. He’d seriously considered hiding her overnight bag in the shed to keep her undressed all weekend, and two luscious mounds of flesh meant he and Nick could easily share those parts of her at the same time. “Do you want some help taking that corset-thing off? I’ll be glad to give you a hand.”

Ready to be completely skin-to-skin with her guys, Noelle knelt on the couch, straddling Nick’s legs and leaning forward to lick a drop of leaking fluid from Chris’s slit. His salty, tangy flavor beckoned her to come back for more. “Yes, help.”

His fingers smoothed over her neck and down her shoulder blades to the long line of hooks holding on the body-hugging piece of lingerie. The pressure on her ribs eased as he flicked open one hook after another, but the heaviness in her breasts and the wetness in her pussy increased, especially when Nick brushed aside the lace cups and sucked a nipple into his mouth. Tingles raced to her clit with each pull on the puckered tip.

She moaned against the rock-hard erection tempting her to nibble, lick, and drain it dry. Kissing her way downward, she opened to take a lightly furred ball into her mouth. The musky scent of her own desire mixed with the aroma of aroused males, and she couldn’t resist rubbing her cunt along the crown of Nick’s cock. It teased her entrance, triggering a need to be filled by the only two men she loved.

Surrendering to her body’s wants, she gave Chris’s testicle a last tug of gentle suction before letting go to swallow his length and lower her aching pussy onto Nick. Their simultaneous groans sent a ripple of pleasure through her veins to accompany the tremors from having a beautiful curved dick rubbing her G-spot.

Impatient to give them ultimate sexual satisfaction, she set a frenzied rhythm of in and out. With every forward rock of her hips, Nick glided deep inside her while his tongue fluttered over her nipple. Chris slid to the back of her throat, with his fingers tangling in her hair. A scream built in her chest as both cocks swelled inside her.



His hand urged her legs further apart while she continued licking Keith. John began stroking her clit, while his lips kissed her butt cheeks.

She found it hard to concentrate on Keith with John behind her. His magic fingers quickly stirred a fire within her. She closed her eyes and tried to focus her attention back on Keith’s erection. Her tongue circled the tip of his cock and his body lifted off the bed when she blew a wisp of air over the dripping tip.

Nervous excitement ran rapid through her body as her lips slowly covered the head of Keith’s cock. He lifted his hips up off the mattress, allowing her to take him in fully. Her teeth scraped over his skin, and he hissed.

Feeling Keith’s cock pushing against the back of her throat, she began to suck, tasting more of his fluids with each stroke of her tongue. Her fingers played with his balls, then toyed with his anus while she continued to sucking him.

“Julie. Fuck…”

She swallowed, enjoying every drop that he gave her, only to find herself suddenly on the edge as John’s tongue and fingers latched onto her clit. He licked and sucked and had her panting and shuddering within seconds until she fell upon Keith’s sated body.

“God that was hot,” John whispered in her ear. “But not near as hot as you will be when we’re both inside you.”

Julie was a little surprised by John’s comment, but she trusted both men and wanted to be with them. Once her breathing returned to normal, she took the condoms that Keith handed her. Up on her knees, Julie slowly rolled the first condom on John. He grabbed her hand, grimacing when she gave him a squeeze.

“Fuck, Julie. I’m ready to explode right now. If you touch me like that, I’ll never make it.” His voice was gravelly, and it turned her on even more.

Keith was lying back on the bed, his cock already standing at attention for round two. Julie rolled on the condom and looked at both men, unsure what to do. Keith told her to stay up on her knees, but pulled her down into a kiss while John began probing her anus with his finger and lubricant.

“Just relax, Julie,” Keith whispered when he felt her body tense.

Keith’s hands began to knead her breasts, again distracting her from what John was doing behind her. It was a new sensation of pain and exhilaration that grew even more erotic when he started to slide his finger in and out of her.

Julie wasn’t sure she could support herself as her muscles began to quiver, but when John stopped pushing against her, she suddenly felt empty.

“Just need to reposition,” John whispered.

Keith moved up to his knees, still in front of Julie, and sucked in one of her breasts, twirling the tight nipple with his tongue until she moaned loudly. Julie fell back against John, her arm wrapping around his neck for support as Keith thrust inside her drenched pussy. “Oh…oh…yes…” she cried out.


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Merry "Chris" Mas by Clare Dargin- She Has A Date With Two Hot Guys For Christmas But Will It End Before It Starts? #HolidayRomance #Menage


Unlike Chris S., Chris P. was quiet, more reserved. His warm smile could melt ice. They’d spoken a bit about his life in Australia and how he met the other Chris when they were on Diego Garcia, a tiny atoll in the Pacific. It was there he garnered a better perspective on life, friendships and love. She reasoned that war tended to do that to a person.

She looked at him again, admiring what she saw. He was gorgeous. If only she were a femme fatale like her friends. She pictured grabbing him by the scruff of his collar and planting a long seductive kiss on his pouty lips. Anything to ease the tension between her legs and the moisture dripping from her swollen pussy. Golden and sun-kissed like a surfer, he had a look impossible to have around this time of year in Michigan, unless he spent countless hours in a tanning booth. But at the same time he didn’t look like the type who’d go to one. He seemed too rugged. She glanced at his short, flaxen hair, which he wore pulled back in a stubby tail. It accentuated his keen facial features. His physique, like that of a gladiator, made her want to whimper. Built like a brick wall without being too thick, he was three words—supple, etched, steel. And his Australian accent added to his raw sexiness.

Whereas Chris S. was the perfect picture type of the all-American, boy-next-door type, with light brown hair and sandy-colored tips and eyes so blue they looked like the color of tropical water. He reminded her of the high school captain of the football team who’d gone into the military and become a man, except he had a sensitive edge that permeated his being. While Chris P., who looked like he could take on a few guys at once, was more lighthearted and outgoing.

Either way, she knew she hit the jackpot because both guys were like something out of a magazine called Hot Guys “R” Us. They were a perfect ten. It was best Christmas gift anyone could have ever given her. She hoped a Chris Sandwich was definitely on the menu for the night. But how to get past the talking stage, she had no clue. She wondered if all of her Love Play’s match ups started like this.

Wearing some leggings and a cami, and he a T-shirt and shorts, she suddenly felt overdressed. The art of seduction was not something they taught in any of the schools she’d attended, and she sure as hell never picked up any pointers from her so-called “friends.” And her exes never gave her any encouragement in that department either.

This date should have come with instructions. I think I’m in trouble.

She let out a long sigh.


[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Jilly Reimers wants love but can't find it. Chris Spinell is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who suffers from PTSD and a haunting feeling that something is missing in his life. Chris Poole is also an Afghanistan war veteran is ready to break out of his shell but is unsure how. 

With Christmas just around the corner, they decide not to spend it alone. Believing The Love Play Matchmaking Service to be just what they need for a night of fun and passion, they sign up. But when the guys show up and see that they've been set up on a menage, the only one happy about it is Jilly.  

Their consultant called an Eros, assures Jilly that the service has a perfect track record but she's certain they'll be the first ones to get their money back. Will they have a very merry Christmas? Or will the three spend yet another one alone?


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