Monday, October 30, 2017

Dom Of The Dead by Virginia Nelson-She Couldn't Imagine Living Without Him. Maybe She Won't Have Too #BDSM #RomanceNovel


After Carson Black’s longtime crush and best friend, Randall Stokes, dies in a motorcycle accident, she openly weeps at his funeral. In the ensuing days and weeks of inconsolable grief, she hears his voice, smells his scent, feels his desires. She must be going mad.

He was afraid to demand what he needed.

Dominant Randall Stokes loves Carson but never expressed it while alive, never daring to dream the sweet girl next door could be the submissive he needed to find satisfaction. But after his death, a much clearer perspective of her needs, wants, and desires emerges.

A ghost of a chance…

Is it too late to have what they’ve both longed for?


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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Happy Halloween!! How Do I Look?

I Think I'll Go Outside And See How The Kids Are Doing....

Do You Think I Should Wear A Costume and Make Up? This Looks Okay... Right?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

His Wayward Woman by Ava Sinclair-She Has More Sass Than Sense #Cowboys #SpankingRomance #MF


Jace Whitaker has always had a special place in his heart for Lily Mae Slater, and when he left for college it pained him to hear about her running wild in his absence. Upon returning to their small Texas town for Lily’s high school graduation only to have her show up at his door drunk, angry, and looking for a fight, Jace’s patience ran out, and before either of them knew it she was over his knee with her bottom bared for the good, hard spanking she so desperately needed.

Seeing the embarrassing chastisement as proof that she could never be anything more than just a silly little girl to Jace, eighteen-year-old Lily bought a bus ticket for California the next morning. She did her best to forget the only man who ever cared enough to take her in hand, but seven years later the fact that Jace never came looking for her still hurts.

After the passing of her mother brings her back home for the first time since the day she boarded that bus and tried to leave Jace in her past, Lily’s pain and anger boil over at last. When she arrives at the ranch Jace now owns and operates, planning to tell him exactly what she thinks of him, history repeats itself and she quickly finds herself with a bright red, well-spanked bottom.

Now that Lily is back in his life after all these years, Jace isn’t going to let her run off again. This time he is going to show her exactly how he feels about her, and she is going to learn what it means to be taken long, hard, and thoroughly by a dominant man. But living on her own in the city for so many years has left Lily with more sass than sense. Can the firm-handed rancher keep her both in line and in his life, or will he blow this second chance to tame his wayward woman?


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Firm Hand Of The Law by Loki Renard- The Walls Around Her Heart Begin To Crack as His Care And Attention Make Her Feel Loved #SpankingRomance


Lily Brannigan is fed up with running a seedy bar just to make ends meet while trying to ignore the smuggling ring her criminal family runs out of her place of business, but she’s no snitch, and when detective Gareth Knight shows up and starts asking questions, he gets no answers. Cop or not, though, Gareth is strong, handsome, and bossy in a way that makes her melt, and it isn't long before Lily gives in to her body's demands.

Gareth is not a man to be trifled with, and he informs Lily in no uncertain terms that he intends to be around until this case is over. He’ll be making sure she takes care of herself—something Lily hasn’t been doing for years—and when her behavior puts her safety at risk, he has no qualms about taking her over his knee, baring her bottom, and spanking her long and hard.

The walls around Lily’s heart begin to crack as Gareth’s attention and care make her feel loved for the first time in ages. His skilled, dominant love-making leaves her begging for more, but if her bosses realizes she’s bedding a cop her life will be in grave danger. Can she trust Gareth to keep her safe, or is she just a means to an end for him?


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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dark Control by Annabel Joseph- Once She Steps Inside She'll Belong To Him #RomanceNovel #BDSM #Dom #Sub

Not all fantasies are safe, sane, and consensual. Welcome to the world of The Gallery…


Juliet meets Fort St. Clair on a miserable, drunken night, and wakes up the next morning cuffed to his guest room bed. Of course, Fort would never take advantage of her. No, the pleasure and pain he wants to inflict on her body must be negotiated in advance, because once Juliet sets foot in his private, exclusive dungeon, she belongs to him. 

BDSM at The Gallery is supposed to be a straightforward arrangement, an affair by the rules, but Juliet and Fort’s growing connection brings unexpected emotions they can’t control. She’s the free spirit who transforms his rigid world, and he’s the Dominant she can finally trust—or can she?


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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Tempting Daddy's Boss by Madison Faye-She's A Naughty Bratt Looking For Trouble #Ageplay #RomanceNovel #SpankingRomance #MF


An angel like little Lyra Worthington has no business being anywhere near a cold, calculating monster like me.

But she’s been mine since the second she poured herself into my world. And now, I’m never letting her go.

I know she’s off-limits.

I know she’s too young for me, and too innocent, and too untouched. But I bet she tastes like heaven and feels like sin, and tonight, I plan on finding out how right I am.

She’s tempting me - enticing me. She’s provoking me like a naughty little brat looking for trouble. And believe when I say, she’s going to find it with me.

I play for keeps, I take what’s mine, and I keep what I take. And tonight, I’m taking her.


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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Sire Bond by Belladonna Bordeaux-Her Creator Won't Let Her Go But This Wolf/Vampire Hybrid Will Claim Her No Matter The Cost #RomanceNovel #Vampire #MF


Joseph Hutton, the Governor General of all vampires residing in London is at his wit’s end. A new vampiress is living in his district and dodging his every attempt to meet with him. Finally cornering her at a debutant ball, Joseph is stunned to discover his new minion is a young woman he met over a century ago. A woman who was destined to be his mate. 

Tormented by her creator, Elspeth Moore, never understood why Robert de Belesme made her a blood-sucking nightwalker. The truth is that she is a pawn in a feud nearly a millennium old. She’ll put all her faith in Joseph because she has no recourse but to. He must break the sire bond or destroy her.  


London, England, Summer 1742

The entirety of the ballroom seemed to freeze when he entered.

Joseph Hutton, Earl of Allsop, rake extraordinaire.

If the gossip was to be believed, he’d led many a young femme fatale to disgrace, so his appearance at Lady Margaret Daniels’ debutant ball brought all eyes to the recently-introduced-to-society damsel.

All except those of one lady. “Why is he here?” Cornelia Fitz Simmons, chaperone to the guest of honor, whispered in an overly loud voice to the clutch of matriarchs milling about her. Her back went ramrod straight. She opened her ever-present fan and heartily flapped it in the air. “Of all the nerve.”

Whether her outburst was an attempt to bring the guests’ attention back to the proverbial wolf in gentlemen’s clothing standing near the punch bowl or if she was indeed outraged no one knew. The crush was enthralled by this twist, enthralled and holding their collective breaths as they waited to see whom the Earl of Allsop would speak with first.

Joseph smiled. He listened to the murmurs begin anew. He had the good manners to bite back on the laugh creeping up his throat. His gaze leveled on one young miss before moving to another until his eyes landed upon Lady Margaret. If his investigators were correct, he’d find the true object of his ire somewhere near the chit.

That was unless Lady Elizabeth Morrison had been forewarned that he was not pleased that she was yet to introduce herself to him. After all, he was the governor general to every common vampire residing in London. She was his minion—newly made or not.

In Elizabeth’s case, the refusal of an interview, her absence from Allsop Manor, and the impertinent way she dodged any attempt he made to conduct his business and manage the blood-suckers beneath his mantel had grown beyond tiresome. Not even his solicitor had succeeded to gain her compliance. Nay, the man had appeared in Joseph’s private study, hat in hand, blubbering about independent-minded ladies and his distaste for all things to do with them.

It had taken Joseph almost fifteen minutes to learn ‘twasn’t Elizabeth’s refusal that had stung Nigel, but her gross disregard for protocol. Once Nigel explained her unladylike behavior wasn’t reserved for the governor general but also any who crossed her, Joseph decided ‘twas time to take matters into his own hands.

Joseph didn’t care a whit if she flagrantly disregarded the haute ton’s expectations of comportment. Nay. The members of the elite were useless to him unless he was in need of a meal, though even he understood the need to follow certain rules of etiquette when in polite society.

Nay, the protocols he was in dire need of educating her on were those set down by the Great Coven.

Those protocols had been put in place for a reason. A very good reason!

Of an age to recall when vampires fought vampires, werewolves, shifters, fay, and any other kind who might cross their path, he had fought hard to bring about the inception of the Great Coven but had not been surprised when he was rejected as a member of the elite group of night-walking blood-suckers.

The sins of his Creator preceded him. He clenched his jaw when a picture of Roger de Montgomerie floated through his head. He bit back on a growl. Quelling the urge to massage the twanging muscles jumping in his neck, he returned his attention to the crowd watching him with baited breath.

Even if he’d not been spawned from the bite of de Montgomerie, another aspect of his being stood firmly in the way of him becoming a member of the Great Coven. He was twice bitten, carrying both the vampire infection along with that which turned a man into a werewolf. ‘Twas a miracle he’d survived the twin infections, and he had long ago come to terms with the truth that his name had been permanently removed from the list of possible candidates who enforced the rules all vampires now followed.

Some might think him odd for his determination to abide by the rules set down by the same group of vampires who watched him with wary eyes, who trusted him not, who had put him in a position of power because his loyalty was above reproach but would undoubtedly refuse to come to his rescue should he find himself in a dire situation.

What of it?

Still, if he was taken to task by the Great Coven because of her impertinence, he’d do more than put her over his knee. He might just thrust an oak stake into her heart.

From the corner of his eye, he glimpsed a striking woman with pale skin. His grin became wolfish. He turned on the heel of his fashionable boot and strode in the direction the vampiress had gone.

Gasps of relief sounded behind him, but they were soon drowned out by whispers of consideration for whatever unfortunate lady he was following. More the point, the guests were arguing in quiet tones over the who he was trailing. He highly doubted they gave a whistle’s worth of spit for her safety.

Hypocrites—the lot of them.

Mortals, especially those in the select group that made up England’s elite, set down rule after rule but were apt to break those rules—eventually. In all his millennia of undead existence, he’d never met people who irritated him as much as those in this generation of the haute ton. ‘Twas amazing considering he’d experienced the raucous and oft lurid court of Henry VIII. He’d also been newly created when William Rufus ascended the throne of England in the tenth century.

He wasn’t certain what had caused his detestation toward this crop of humans, but he couldn’t stomach their vicious gossip, illicit affairs, and haughty ways. Perhaps ‘twas the whole of their attitudes.

And that makes no difference.

His ground-gobbling gait caught up with Elizabeth just as she was making her apologies to the host and hostess of the ball. The Marquis and Marchioness of Berwick didn’t appear to care that she was begging off. If aught, and in spite of their pristine smiles, anger burned in their gazes. For some unknown reason, they didn’t wish their daughter associating with Lady Morrison.

Good. The fact that Elizabeth was suddenly following protocol, though, caught him off guard. You best not be trying to hide behind the mortals, he thought.

Still, he did remind himself that Elizabeth Morrison was young and ‘twas likely she was falling into what a mortal might do. His grin faded when she steered herself away from the couple and began to stroll at a leisurely pace to the main door. What are you up to?

She collected her cloak as if she had all the time in the world. He attuned his hearing to her words when she thanked the butler for his assistance. Her voice sounded vaguely familiar.

He took her in. For the soullessness of him, he couldn’t place where or if he’d met her before. Joseph did recognize why she caused a stir amongst the ton. Elizabeth Morrison was absolutely gorgeous.

Her porcelain complexion didn’t detract from her overall appearance. ‘Twas the opposite. It only served to enhance the impact of her sable-colored hair and shimmering azure-blue eyes. Her body, was encased in a fashionably styled gown the same color as her eyes and revealed only a hint of cleavage but was tailored perfectly to her slight bosom. Mayhaps a handful, he decided.

A wave of lust rolled through him. His cock swelled, making his trousers uncomfortably tight.

His palms itched to strip the cloth from her body, to tease her with his fingers and mouth until she was mindless. Then, when she was at his mercy, anxious for his cock, he’d explain the rules to her.

‘Twas a fine plan. A fine plan indeed.

He didn’t waste another moment, but strode to where she stood in the foyer. “Lady Elizabeth—allow me to introduce myself…”

His words broke off when she raised her face up to his.

“My God, Elspeth,” he murmured, recognition dawning. White-hot fury burned his desire to ash. “What the hell happened to you?”

Elspeth bowed her head. “Hello, Joseph. ‘Tis good to see you again after so long.” Actually, ‘twasn’t good to see him at all, nor was she pleased to be back in the city where her mortal life had ended. “You look fit.” She practically dragged those words from her mouth.

She shivered. “I…” Her breath caught when he leveled his ice-chip gray stare on her face. Licking her suddenly dry lips, she sent him a small, shaky smile. 

“I meant to thank you for your tenacity in contacting me for my interview, but I fear….” This time her voice trailed off, not because she had no answer, but because of another reason. Her breath stifled in her lungs, and the tingles of skittering pinpricks flew over her. Her brain began to ache. The influence her creator held over her was as strong as it had been the day he’d turned her over a century ago.

“You’re still sired,” he grumbled, and anger etched his tone.

She nodded. “He will never set me free.” Her throat constricted even more. Unseen hands curled around her neck—squeezing brutally.

Naught good will come from this. Naught at all.

She laid her hand on his austere eveningwear. Tears filled her eyes, but she managed to sniff them back before they left bloody trails down her cheeks.

He laid his fingers over hers. A dark scowl marred his brow.

Joseph, please don’t do this to me, she pleaded silently when his telepathy reached out to her.

The few other elder vampires she’d met since her creation had never tried to take control of her mind. She didn’t like the feeling either. Her skull felt as if it might crack in twain. Grimacing, her fingers curled into fists against his jacket.

“Cease,” she said in an agonized whisper. “’Tis ripping me apart.”

“Do you trust me, Elspeth?” Joseph pushed his telepathy into her with force. “Trust me. Let me inside. Let me help you.”

She couldn’t. Robert had told her time and again that no man could break his hold over her. “You’re hurting me.”

Trust me.

Gritting her teeth, silently pleading for an end to the torment, her body shivered when a tiny crack slinked up the invisible wall that Robert had built around her psyche.

A soft moan of surrender brushed over her lips.

Memories best left forgotten began to play across her mind’s eye. No. I can’t…

The memories snapped into shape.

She’d been newly employed as a scullery maid at Falstaff Manor when she met not only Joseph but Robert de Belesme too.

Young, brutally so, she’d no idea what either of them were, only that Joseph had caught her attention. His handsome good looks and natural charm drew her to him. His gallant, almost chivalrous, manner sealed him a special place in her heart.

Of course, she’d been pining from afar. His status took all chances of a match out of the mix. After all, she was a simple chit from Cheapside. He was far above her and well out of her reach. That was just a day prior to being introduced to the Hellfire Club.

Thankfully, she wasn’t one of the wenches chosen to take part in the banquets, but after seeing the lewd and lascivious behavior firsthand, she wondered what fix she’d landed herself in.

‘Twas Joseph who’d come to her rescue. He’d explained not only what was going on but why creatures she’d thought only existed in nightmares and fairytales were suddenly congregating in a single place. He’d also informed her, in as few words as possible, as to why he was asked to journey to Falstaff Manor. Robert de Belesme and he were in a fight that had broiled between them for centuries, a blood feud of immense and deadly proportions.

A fresh burst of pain knifed her brain. “Make it cease,” she whispered, trying to shut down the memories of what happened next. “You were there, for pity’s sake.”

“I was, but I need to see the act for myself,” Joseph murmured.

She shook her head. “Nay. Please, Joseph.”

He didn’t relent. The whole sordid tale broke free in her psyche. The influence that allowed Robert to kidnap her from the manor. The years of being subjugated by his mind control. Inevitably the bite, which was forever emblazoned on her being. Finally, the rebirth as a vampire. “Please stop. It hurts me.”

Crushed against him, she took several deep breaths in a valiant attempt to push the lingering terror away.

“He did this to you because of me.”

Her sire had, but she wasn’t about to confirm or deny Joseph’s statement. ‘Twould only add fuel to the fire already burning like an inferno between the two vampires.

If Robert discovers you’ve been hunting about in my head, he’ll surely murder you…or worse.

She shivered again. Elspeth didn’t want to consider the “worse” in her warning. Joseph ought to be able to conclude what she meant with little trouble. After all, they were discussing Robert de Belesme, son of Mabil de Belesme, a murderous woman who practiced the dark arts and had offered her only son up to Satan as a sacrifice.

Or so the story went, she mused. What she was aware of was that Robert was strong, cruel, and sadistic.

Joseph brushed his hand up and down her back in a soothing gesture. “You worry for naught, Elspeth. Robert de Belesme can’t hurt me.” He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “And I would stake myself before I ever let him hurt you again.”

He sucked in a breath then exhaled slowly. If her brain weren’t screaming in her head, she would have told him he just had hurt her. The gust of air wafted her perfectly coiffed hair. His influence flipped through her memories, but she’d long since come to grips with what she’d become and the horror her sire had wreaked upon the earth. The same terror she was complicit in.

“You should have brought him before the Great Coven,” Joseph stated gravely, “though that would have denied me the privilege of extracting my own revenge from him.”

“Nay, milord. ‘Twould serve no purpose.” She pulled away from him and walked to the threshold. Turning her back on him, she willed the sire bond away. ‘Twas useless. Robert’s hold over her was unbreakable. “You’ve seen me. You can inform the Great Coven that you held your interview and then list me as one of your minions residing in London, but ‘tis best if we never see each other again.”

“You really believe him to be that powerful.”

After a few deep breaths, she gathered what little was left of her bravado. She nodded. He is that powerful.

“Allow me to escort you to your carriage.”

“I can’t leave.” A pang of emotional pain stabbed her in her beatless heart. Already aware of the few members of the staff who were peeking out of salons to gawk at them, Elspeth sighed and gave him her thoughts. This is my life. Such that it may be, there is no cure for it or a power strong enough to break the sire bond.

The feel of his presence right behind her almost brought her around. “You’re bound to the house until he retrieves you.” His deduction was barely audible.


“Then let us walk about the garden.” He cupped her elbow and steered her toward the rear of the townhouse. “I hear that Lady Daniels grows roses as big as my fist.”

Are you bound to the entire premises or can you only traverse the main house? His question echoed in her head.

His ability to not only read her thoughts and open up her memories but also to converse with her through his telepathy told her that Joseph was very old.

“Are you?”

“I don’t know.” ‘Struth, she’d never tried to step outside what she perceived to be the boundaries her sire set.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.”


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Gorgon's Vengeance by Ravenna Tate-Her Past Has Come Back To Haunt Her And He'll Break All The Rules To Protect Her #MC #RomanceNovel


Chloe Dolan’s life is perfect. She’s the MC President’s old lady, she loves to dance at Scotty’s Place—the strip club the MC owns and operates, and she and Gorgon are deeply in love. But Chloe’s perfect life falls apart one night after her last set when she spots her abusive ex-boyfriend, Brad, in the crowd. He’s been gone a year, but now it appears he’s back to stay.

As Gorgon and the MC Brothers deal with the fallout from a turf war, they have their hands full from the Outlaw Dogs MC. In the meantime, Brad is stalking Chloe. He’s sending notes to the club, and every time Chloe goes into town, she spots him. Eventually, Chloe is reduced to hiding inside the club.

When the power goes out during a tornado warning, Brad breaks into the club. Can Gorgon save the only woman he’s ever loved?

Be Warned: anal sex, public exhibition, sex toys



Chloe never ceased to be amazed that she could become so aroused, so quickly, whenever Gorgon was near her. All he had to do was look into her eyes, or call her “Chloe” instead of her stage name.

His dark eyes bored into hers, filled with lust and love. Chloe licked her lips and brushed one hand down his back, over his ass, and around the front of his jeans to massage his bulge through the fabric. 

“I don’t want to think about scary things anymore tonight.”

Gorgon grunted, cupped her face, and bent his head for a rough kiss. He shoved his tongue into her mouth, chasing away the demons in her mind. Gone were the horrible memories of what Brad had put her through, and the shock of seeing him tonight. Instead, Chloe let go and welcomed the heady sensation of being taken by the man she loved.

He moved his mouth to her neck, planting tiny bites there. “Get your clothes off, baby. I need to fuck you now.”

Chloe peeled off her tank top and shorts, tossing them across the room. He grasped her breasts and squeezed them together in his strong hands. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful.”

It had taken her weeks after arriving here to stop trembling in his presence. His dark hair, so soft to the touch, hung down to his shoulders when he didn’t have it tied back. The hairstyle gave him an unruly, lawless appearance that had both excited and frightened her at first.

“I’m gonna explode, baby. On your knees. Take out my dick.”

Her pussy was soaking wet. She loved it when Gorgon spoke to her this way, because she knew how much he loved her. It wasn’t rude or abusive in her mind. This was just his way. He’d lie down in front of a train for her. When he commanded her like this, it turned her on something fierce because there was love and devotion behind it, not fear or oppression.

Chloe dropped to her knees and rubbed her chin over his bulge, teasing him. He grabbed her hair and tugged, hard. “Chloe, dammit … I’m fucking dying here.”

She undid the button on his jeans and pulled down the zipper. He never wore underwear, so she took care not to catch anything as she eased the jeans down his rock-hard thighs. His cock was red, swollen, and already slick with pre-cum. “You’ve missed me, Billy, haven’t you?”

“Baby, I always miss you. Suck me hard. Swallow my cum.”

Chloe slid her tongue up and down the shaft, enjoying the contrast between the veins and the satiny skin. Gorgon moaned loudly, tugging on her hair to move her closer. “Come on, baby. Don’t tease me. You know what I want.”

She knew, but the power it gave her to hold back was as much of a rush as the actual act. Chloe licked his balls before swirling her tongue over his shaft again. When she finally took him into her mouth, he groaned loudly and pushed his dick all the way inside.

After relaxing her throat muscles, she curled her lips around her teeth and let him fuck her with the entire length. Chloe massaged his balls with one hand and teased the soft skin between his sac and upper thighs with the other. She always gave her man what he liked.

Her hair hurt from him pulling on it so hard, and her mouth was sore, but she didn’t mind. This domination was what she loved. Because when it was over, he’d hold her all night and caress her skin, telling her over and over how beautiful she was, and how much he loved her. Things he’d never say unless they were alone. Words he spoke only to her, intimacies shared only between them.


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'Twas The Spank Before Christmas by Kellie Kamryn-Her Sexy Poem Inspires Her Dom To Give Her A Night She'll Never Forget #BDSM #SpankingRomance #MF

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all that was heard were screams of delight with love as the safe word.


The night before Christmas Davis Cathal decides to recreate a scene for his sub, Samantha Merry, based on a deliciously sexy poem she wrote for him as a gift. Inspired by the season of giving, he sets up the perfect scene to reward the love of his life and give her the gift that keeps on coming.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Beg for Mercy by Angelique Voisen-He Will Do Anything To Win Back The Love Of Man He Betrayed #RomanceNovel #MC #Shifters #Vampires

They call him Mercy because he gives none to his enemies...


Before becoming a patch in the Hellhounds MC, Mercy was a healer and a lover. Now Mercy’s bent, not broken, a beast living in the skin of the man. Mercy thought he had nothing left to lose, until the past comes back to haunt him. Former lover, thief, and liar, James Carlson is a dead man walking after betraying Mercy years ago. But Mercy knows once he gets a taste of James he won't stop until James is his—to own, protect, and love. 

Too bad James only sees him as a stop on the road. James has crossed some very bad men and needs temporary sanctuary. He’s begging for mercy, but Mercy isn’t sure he has any left to give.



“James, are you awake?” Mercy asked. “Stop fucking with me.”

No answer. James moaned again, fingers grasping Mercy’s shirt, pulling him close. Careful of James’s leg, Mercy settled himself more comfortably beside James. He might have bulked up considerably, and James might have lost a lot of weight, but their bodies still fucking molded against each other. A perfect fit.

Eavesdropping hadn’t been Mercy’s intention, but he heard James and Ezra talking through the door separating his room from the clinic. Too much hate existed between them, James had said. Fuck, but James was right. Nothing good would come out of this. After all, Mercy never expected James to ever come back into his life, but Revo made a valid point. He didn’t believe in coincidences, but James didn’t come back to him. James sought escape. Always did, but from what, Mercy never knew. 

James began clawing at him, and Mercy wondered what chased him in his sleep. Without thinking, he grabbed James’s wrists, restraining them. To his surprise, James’s breathing didn’t grow rapid. Calming down, all the tension drained out of James’s body. Mercy didn’t let go until James’s heart returned to its normal rhythm. A different kind of dream plagued James now, judging by the erection poking through the jogging pants Ezra lent him.

“Mercy.” James breathed, eyes still shut.

Startled, Mercy released James’s wrists and narrowed his eyes, wondering if James was wide-awake all this time, toying with him. It didn’t escape him James uttered Mercy, not Derek, not the shell of a man he used to be, foolish and idealistic. James touched him again, the movement curious, fingers slipping under his shirt, tracing his abs, the ragged scar that spanned underneath.

Breathing hard, Mercy let James explore before cutting in. James slipped his hand lower, touching the hem of his jeans. No fucking away a sleeping man could work the button of his jeans. James undid the button, no doubt finding Mercy didn’t bother with underwear. Electricity traveled from James’s fingertips to the slight dusting of hair leading to Mercy’s hardening dick. Smirking, Mercy closed his hand over James’s wrist, sensing the change in his breathing.

“Do you like what you found, little thief?” Mercy asked, as James’s eyes flew open.

“You know I do,” James answered. 


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Friday, October 13, 2017

Sinful Heat by Tianna Xander-Three Sexy #Vampires Want To Give Her The Best Vacation She's Ever Had #RomanceNovel


When Maya Abernathy accepts the gift of a cruise from her best friend, the last thing she expects is a swingers cruise filled with nudists and deviants having orgies in the open air. Prude that she was, she couldn't wait for the first port of call where she could disembark and get away from the revelers for at least a little while. When she finally gets her chance, she can't believe she's late and misses the boat…literally. Will she catch up with the ship and return to her unwanted vacation or is she better off with the three men willing to make her vacation the best one she's ever had? 

Franco Rigatti and his best friends, Dante De Luca and Jacob Cameron just opened up a booming new business in the Caribbean -- night swimming with the dolphins. The last thing they expected was to find a woman they couldn't read who was the perfect specimen for them to share, if they could only convince her to allow it.

Can the three sexy vampires convince the stranded Maya to stay on the island with them, or will she run back to the ship screaming when she finds out what they really are?


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Monday, October 9, 2017

Procured by Pia Manning-There Are Few Females And This Male Has Finally Found His Mate #RomanceNovel #Futuristic

[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Science Fiction Romance, M/F, HEA]


Will he ever find her? Night after long lonely night, starship commander Dachar despairs over finding his mate. Once he spots beautiful, innocent Anis Warner, Dachar knows he must have her. He'll do anything to claim Anis as his bride, even pay an enormous sum to procure her.

Anis Warner is a woman who knows what she wants. And Commander Dachar is not it. Passionate about building her career, Anis jumps at the chance to enter the 'Study Among the Stars,' or SAS, program. Only problem—SAS is just a way to lure young women to the ship, so they can be mated to an Apochian warrior.

Can Dachar convince Anis that her future lies with him? It won't be easy, for Anis's independent streak isn't the only challenge facing Dachar. A racial purity movement is dead set against Earth brides, and Anis's future mother-in-law is a true believer.

 A Siren Erotic Romance


Dachar finally found Anis preparing multiple nourishments, or trying to. Various foods decorated the small counter. Some had been nibbled, some almost totally consumed, and a few, set aside from the others, not touched at all. Anis stood with her back to Dachar, considering the next series of buttons to push.

“Maybe if I try this, this, and that one…” she muttered to herself, not realizing Dachar stood behind her, amused.

“If you try the top two, the middle one, and that last on the right, you will make brueschl,” Dachar informed her laughing.

Anis spun around quickly, her cheeks bright red. “Oh! I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I was just going to try a few combinations to see what they did, and I got carried away. I’ll clean all of this up right away.” Anis reached for the closest dishes to begin the clearing process.

“Did you not like these?” Dachar asked, pointing to the plates on the far side of the counter. Dachar laughed as Anis bashfully shook her head no. “I hated that as a child. My creatora made me sit until I had finished all of it. Sometimes I sat for a very long time!”

Smiling a little, Anis replied, “It smells horrible. Like Brussel sprouts. Ugh!” She grimaced.

Not wanting to ruin the lighthearted mood or break this fragile connection, he pointed to a dish. “What about the agath? Did you like it?”

“Oh yes, a lot. Just like spaghetti. I was trying to find the meatball button.”

Chuckling, Dachar asked, “Meatballs? What are meatballs?

“Well, they’re like…” Anis launched into an explanation of meatballs.

More than an hour later, Anis and Dachar, both stuffed and laughing, moved into the living room area. Settling, Dachar invited Anis to sit beside him. Hesitantly, she perched next to him. Tapping a few buttons, he opened the viewing window and lowered the lights. For a moment, Anis sat rigidly, clearly uncomfortable. Once the viewing window opened completely though, she leaned forward eagerly.

Spread before her lay Earth curving gently into space, while white clouds swirled, changing shape as they traversed the planet. Stars twinkled in an inky background tapestry. Anis noticed silvery flashes falling toward Earth.

Placing her hand on Dachar’s arm, she asked breathlessly, “What are those? The silver streaks?”

Afraid to move and ruin the moment, Dachar replied, “They are smaller vessels from Talat. Some are delivering supplies to your planet, others transport people back and forth.” Very slowly, Dachar began rubbing Anis’s back. Without realizing it, she relaxed under his ministrations and leaned back, sighing contentedly. Dachar edged closer, his hand sliding around her shoulder. Anis stiffened.

Unwilling to retreat and lose his hard-fought gains, Dachar quickly asked, “Anis, would you like to see more of the ship? There are any number of places I think you might enjoy. And there are many more opportunities to eat.”

Anis, eyes sparkling, shifted to face Dachar. “Really? We could do that?! Yes! I would love to go!”

“Yes, Anis, I will take you on an excursion. I will enjoy exploring Talat with you.” Dachar looked at the floor as he considered how to explain his concerns. “But,” he began seriously, “you must promise to stay close to me and not wander off somewhere on your own. It would not be safe for you to do that.”

“Ookay, why isn’t it safe? This is a spaceship, right? It’s not like a big city or something—it’s a closed environment. This might sound like a dumb question, but is there crime here?”

“Periodically there are disputes, especially in the merchant area, but that is not what I mean.” Hoping a brief explanation would satisfy Anis, Dachar continued, “The unmated males of all species will be interested in you.”


“I think the drive to find one’s mate is an almost universal imperative. Many worlds have few females. Sometimes just fewer are born, or sometimes it’s the result of disease or war. In many cases, the problem lies with the harsh nature of newly colonized planets—worlds in the early stages of colonization are often harsh places in which to live. The struggle to survive is even more difficult for pregnant women and young children. Later, these males find themselves without mates. So, they search.

“On Talat, no male may approach a mated female. Unmated females are an entirely different question. That is why newly arrived creatrix are seldom found out on their own.”

“So any male whatsoever can grab me and force me to have their babies? That’s barbaric! What if I don’t want to do that? Or want a particular male?” Anis exclaimed, incensed.

Dachar realized he had explained far more than he intended to, but plunged ahead anyway. “A female may, after a suitable time period, be reassigned.”

“Reassigned! To whom? And after what time period? Who decides all that?”

Wishing he had never spoken, Dachar replied, “That is the law, but it rarely happens.” Seeing Anis’s disbelief, Dachar continued, “Males of my planet care very much for their creatrix. They take good care of their mates and try their best to keep them happy and satisfied.”

“How would another man know if I was mated or not? I’d be with you, wouldn’t I?”

“That is why it is so important for you to stay near me. A warrior would never allow his unbonded mate to go about alone. On Vora, my home, there is more freedom to move about unaccompanied, but especially on Talat…so, if you would like to go out, I must have your word that you will stay with me and place yourself in my protection.”

“What would happen if someone didn’t believe we’re really, you know, together?” Anis asked, blushing as she gazed at the floor.

Amused, Dachar considered his answer for a moment, and then gently tilted her chin upward. “Anis, I will fight, and if need be die, to protect you.”



Dachar stepped into the shower and stopped, seeing Anis naked for the first time. Transfixed by her beauty, he could only stare. Long honey-colored silk framed a startled face and flowed over creamy shoulders. Anis’s hands cupped her ripe breasts while plump nipples peeked from between her fingers. The evidence of her sexual arousal, an engorged pink clit, peeped out from between her pussy lips.  “Dachar! I need to get dressed. Please leave—” Anis licked her lips as she gazed at his bulging crotch. Dachar’s cock stiffened and pushed against his uniform as he saw the desire gleaming in her eyes.

Exhaling in frustration, Dachar reached for Anis. Slowly he pulled her to him. Ignoring the fright shining in her eyes, Dachar covered Anis’s mouth with his own. Coaxing and teasing her lips with his tongue, he gained access to her mouth. Sweeping his tongue inside, he moaned softly. Anis arched into Dachar, opening her mouth for his invasion. Dachar plunged his tongue  in and out of her mouth mimicking what he would soon do with his cock. Her creamy skin felt soft and warm as he cupped her firm ass.

Shivers of anticipation flitted along her spine as he squeezed and kneaded the flesh he found there. Dachar skimmed Anis’s throat, lingering in the hollow of her neck, where he nibbled and tasted. He licked and kissed his way to her breast. Covering the raspberry-colored nipple, he pulled it firmly into his mouth. Taking it deeply inside, he rubbed his tongue across the engorged bud, pulling even harder when Anis groaned. Slipping past Anis’s ass, Dachar’s two fingers slid along the crack into the wet opening hidden in her pussy. Bending her backward, Dachar slowly inserted one long, thick finger, penetrating as Anis gasped in surprise. Holding her firmly, he continued to thrust in and out with his finger, waiting for her to adjust to his invasion. He added a second finger, stretching her opening before encountering her virginal barrier. Withdrawing his wet fingers, he found her clit. Using her moisture, he slowly circled the swollen flesh, then slid past it and back into her. Each pass into her vagina brushed against her clit. Mindlessly, Anis threw her head back and groaned as she rubbed her pussy against Dachar’s hand.

“Anis,” he growled. “Now.”

Dachar stripped off his uniform as Anis watched, wide-eyed. Naked, he stood before her, magnificent. Thick, well-muscled arms joined wide shoulders. A powerful core tapered to a slim waist and hips. Long strong thighs framed a thick cock. Anis could not help herself. She stared at Dachar’s cock. The broad expanse of his head had her licking her lips, wondering what it would be like to run her tongue along the length of his shaft and play with him.

Scooping her into his arms, Dachar deposited Anis in the middle of his huge bed. As she struggled to her elbows, Dachar dropped to his knees. Grasping her ankles, he pulled her toward him until her ass stopped at the edge of the bed. Draping her legs over his shoulders, he gripped her hips firmly. Dachar’s eyes held hers as he lowered his head and began to softly kiss her pussy lips. Anis watched, fascinated, as he kissed first one side, then the other. His warm breath made her clit ache and throb, her womb clenching with each brush of his tongue. She cried out as incredible new feelings tumbled through her body.

Dachar circled her clit with his teasing tongue, never quite touching it. Slowly it slipped lower, until he found her pussy. Gently he tickled her opening, inserting just the tip of his tongue into her pussy. Anis gripped his forearms, trying to keep herself from hitting the ceiling. As he pushed deeper inside, her hands found his hair. She twisted the dark strands between her fingers.

“Oh God, Dachar!” Anis cried. And then whispered, “I want, you…oh, I want!”

“What do you want, Anis? Tell me.”

“All of you.  I want all of you,” she moaned.

Dachar rose, Anis’s juices shining on his face. His cock glistened with its own juice. Taking his great cock in his hand, he guided it to Anis’s entrance. Nestling just inside her pussy, Dachar leaned over Anis and thrust forward. Anis felt herself stretching to accommodate him. Pleasure bordering on pain seared her.

Needing to feel him against her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her. He groaned as her nipples brushed against his muscled chest. Taking her into his arms, he slowly pushed himself inside her. Encountering her barrier, he hesitated for a moment, then covered her mouth with his own. Gathering himself, he plunged past it. He felt Anis shudder and writhe beneath him. Dachar waited for a few moments, allowing her body time to adjust to his size.

Moments later, she relaxed against him and wrapped her legs around his while her body rocked in rhythm with him. Dachar enlarged even more inside Anis, intensifying her pleasure immeasurably. Small ripples and spasms grew ever larger until muscles in her womb and ass clenched. She climaxed, toes curling. Dachar’s thrusts quickened then, until he found his release, hot cum coating her womb’s entrance.

They clung to each other, panting. Dachar kissed Anis softly, brushing silken hair from her face.

“Are we bonded? Is that it? I don’t feel any differently. How does that happen? The bonding, I mean.”

“The bonding process has begun, Anis. In a short while, we will belong only to each other.”

“What does that mean, Dachar?”


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The Alpha's Reluctant Mate by Morganna Williams- A Part Of Her Cannot Help Longing For Him To Claim Her Fully #SpankingRomance #Shifters


After she is attacked by a large, unknown animal, Alexandria Pace soon finds that her miraculously swift recovery and suddenly voracious appetite are far from the most disturbing aspects of her situation. It rapidly becomes apparent that not only has she been bitten by a rogue werewolf, she has also been identified by the alpha of a nearby pack as his chosen mate.

Connor had planned to take his time and woo Alexandria gently, but the attack by a rival wolf forces him to take drastic action and compel her to join his pack right away. He is more than ready to keep his mate safe whether she likes it or not, and as she’ll quickly discover, disobeying her new alpha will earn her a swift and thorough punishment.

As her first full moon approaches, Alexandria struggles to adapt to life as a member of a pack, especially when that involves submitting to the alpha. Yet despite Connor’s willingness to bare her bottom for a painful, embarrassing spanking whenever she defies him, a part of Alexandria cannot help longing for him to claim her fully.

But when an enemy challenges Connor and threatens to take Alexandria from the pack by force, will he win the fight to protect his mate?

Publisher’s Note: The Alpha’s Reluctant Mate is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



“Did you publically defy me?” Connor asked with a raised brow, his hand paused in the act of rolling up his right sleeve.

“Yes, but…”

“Then we’re agreed,” he said with a nod, fixing his sleeve in place and catching me by one arm and pulling me with him to the couch.

“No… wait, Connor… you can’t!” I cried as I felt myself pulled face down over his lap as he sat down on the couch.

“I assure you I can,” he said as he pulled both my sweat pants and panties down to my knees in one motion.

His hand fell hard and fast, making me realize he’d been right when he warned me after my first spanking that the next one would make the first seem like a child’s punishment. He was spanking much harder, each slap making me yelp and writhe over his knee.

“Ooooh… ouch… Connor… stop!” I cried.

“I will stop when I feel the lesson is sufficiently learned and not a moment before,” Connor said sternly.

I wailed loudly then bit my lip as I realized my entire pack could probably hear my spanking. His hand continued to fall with no discernible pattern, leaving not an inch of my bottom without throbbing heat.

He paused and I took a deep relieved breath, only to cry out in dismay when he tilted me further over his lap in order to pay closer attention to the tender under curve of my backside. “No, Connor! Not there!”

“Yes, there, mate.” 

His hand fell hard five times in a row on my left sit spot till I was yowling, no longer concerned about my pack mates hearing my punishment. Then he moved and gave the right side the exact same treatment. My horror was complete when I felt him part my tender bottom cheeks and press the tip of one finger against my anus.

“Now you will get a taste of how I will deal with defiance once we are well and truly mated.”

“Noooooo!” I cried, desperately clenching against his intrusion when he pulled his finger away to deliver another series of sharp slaps that left me gasping for air and then the finger was back pushing deep inside while I moaned in embarrassed protest.

“Defiant mates get their bottoms punished inside and out,” Connor told me matter-of-factly as his finger took up a quick in-and-out rhythm.


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Claimed On The Frontier by Jane Henry-He's Determined To Be As Firm As Necessary To Keep Her Safe #SpankingRomance #BDSM #Cowboy


Pearl has fended for herself since she was orphaned at a young age, but on the night she meets Aaron Stanley her life is thrown into chaos. The handsome pioneer and his brothers are headed west to stake their claim on the frontier, and when an unfortunate turn of events leaves Pearl without a roof over her head it is Aaron who comes to her rescue, offering to bring her along provided that she agrees to mind him.

As they begin their journey, Pearl soon discovers that Aaron is a force to be reckoned with. Though he quickly proves more than willing to take her over his knee for a sound spanking when her behavior warrants it, she is drawn to his stern, uncompromising dominance, and when circumstances force them into a hasty marriage she is happy to promise him her obedience.

Despite her headstrong nature, Pearl finds herself submitting willingly to her new husband’s mastery of her body. But even as their passion blossoms into love, Aaron is determined to be as firm as necessary to keep his bride safe in a hard, dangerous land. Can their bond survive the harsh realities of life on the frontier?

Publisher’s Note: Claimed on the Frontier is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



A finger under my chin, his voice was both stern and gentle when he spoke. “Enough now, little one.”

Little one. Something in me warmed to that, and I swallowed against the lump in my throat. I felt our age difference then. He seemed so much older and wiser, more patient and knowledgeable than I. It seemed that trusting him was the best decision to make. I’d trusted him at the most precarious of moments in the past weeks, and he’d proven himself time and time again. I started as he gently spun me around, and I felt him begin to unfasten the buttons that secured my dress. I closed my eyes. He was my husband, now. It was proper.

The minutes ticked by as he slowly unbuttoned my dress and pulled it over my head, laying it across the foot of the bed. He continued removing my layers of clothing until I stood in front of him wearing naught but my thin chemise, which he lifted and pulled straight over my head. Next came the drawstring to my undergarments. And then I was bare to him.

His thumbs circled my breasts, and I gasped at the sudden sensation that lit my insides to fire. Heat pulsed between my legs and I felt my nipples harden. He smiled softly to himself. He released my breasts and tugged me down so that I sat upon his lap.

“From now on, you’ll do my bidding,” he said, his lips at my ears. “Won’t you?”

His hand gently kneaded my breast. I swallowed and nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“And you do know that if you disobey, I’ll punish you. Don’t you?”

I closed my eyes. “Yes, sir. I know, sir.”

His mouth traveled the length of my arm, down my shoulder to my breast. He kissed me again, and his tongue flicked out. I gasped at the sudden sensation. He spoke again in a low whisper.

“But tonight, on the night you vowed yourself to me, I’m feelin’ merciful,” he said. “Tonight we start anew. Tonight, Pearl, you belong to me.”

Each touch of his hand, or whisper from his mouth, sent pleasant sensations through me, even as I trembled with anticipation and apprehension. His hand smoothed my skin, over and over again.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured. “And you’re mine. But if you’re mine, you will mind me. Won’t you, little one?”

“Yes, sir,” I whispered.

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Their Troubled Heroine by Marla Monroe-They Gave Her The Chance To Love Again #RomanceNovel #Menage #Soldiers

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Ellie is trying to survive day to day after a traumatic event that left her afraid to leave her house. Mayberry and Dobbs are still recovering from injuries overseas. Can they help each other adjust to the world around them or will they let their past interfere with their happiness?

Ellie survived the Boston Marathon bombing with little damage but now she’s scared to venture outside her home for more than a few minutes. As she pushes herself, she meets Dobbs, who’s trying to learn to walk on a prosthesis. When they meet up again at a mutual friend’s home, he introduces her to Mayberry, who lost his sight in the same blast that took Dobbs’ leg.

Will they take a chance with each other and find a way around their pasts, or will they shy away and miss out on what could be the best thing that ever happened to them? Maybe a troubled heroine can bridge the gap in their souls.

Note: This book contains double penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance



Libby Parks parked at the local grocery store and sighed. She could go inside. Really, she could. She sat there for fifteen minutes and almost started the car and drove away—again. She steadied her nerves and opened the door. Then closed it again. She couldn’t do it. She’d have to order her groceries again.

No. I’m going inside. Even if I turn around and walk back out. I’m at least going to go inside.

With that, she shut off the engine and opened the door, pouring out of the car before she could turn belly up and slam it again. Now that she was out, it didn’t feel so bad. There were only a couple of people in the parking lot loading their groceries into their cars.

Libby took one step after the other toward the little store and made it to the sliding glass doors. Whish. They opened as she approached. She could see inside, and there were three people checking out. Maybe there wouldn’t be many left inside shopping. She walked through the doors and nearly jumped a foot when they closed behind her. She swirled around then laughed nervously. No one seemed to have noticed her nervous jump, so Libby grabbed a cart and wheeled toward the produce section.

After finding the vegetables and fruit she wanted, she navigated the rows to pick up the canned goods. She’d grab meat last. So far she was doing pretty damn good. Of course she hadn’t really run into anyone yet. The store was half empty. Thursday morning was a good day to shop.

When she made it to the meat section, a moment of panic froze her feet to the floor. There were about five people perusing the meat and deli area. She swallowed hard enough it hurt her throat. She could do this.

No I can’t. There’re too many of them.

Then she noticed that one of the men struggled with his leg as if he had trouble moving it. He held on to the cart as if his life depended on it as he reached for some meat down in the cooler. It looked like the harder he tried to get it, the more unbalanced he got. Just when he reached the meat, the cart started rolling in the opposite direction, throwing him more off balance.

Without thinking, Libby shoved her buggy in front of his so it wouldn’t move out from under him. His hit her cart, and he righted himself, the package of meat in his hand.

“Oh God. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to bump your cart. I wasn’t paying attention.” Libby immediately knew he was a soldier. He’d probably lost his leg and was still learning to walk using a prosthesis. She knew all about that. She had a close friend who’d lost both of her legs and was struggling to re-learn to walk again.

The man blushed and drew in a deep breath. “No problem. I think I was a moving target so you pretty much hit the bull’s-eye.”

Libby’s nervous laugh reminded her that she so rarely laughed at all these days. She gave him an embarrassed smile and backed her cart out of his way, farther than she had to. He was a handsome man despite his obvious disability. There were lines on his face that were a testament to what he’d endured and seen while overseas. She was sure he’d served at one of the many hot spots or he wouldn’t be limping and keeping one tight grip on the cart and another equally tight grip on the ledge of the cooler.

“I—I’ll just get out of your way.” She pushed her cart as fast as she dared to the opposite end of the cooler section where there wasn’t anyone close by. There she pretended to examine hog jowls.

Ugg, really? Why would anyone want to eat that or pig tongue? I don’t even want to be looking at it.

She moved a few feet forward and landed on the pork section minus the nasty stuff. There she chose a pork roast, and once the crowd had moved along, she dug through the chicken breasts to find the smallest package she could locate since it was just for her.

“Uh, ma’am?” The soldier cleared his throat and looked apologetic with frown lines between his eyebrows. “I hate to bother you, but I’m useless at picking out anything other than T-bone steaks. Could you show me a good roast for cooking in the crockpot?”

“Um, sure.” She walked over a little closer to him and studied the selection. “How many do you need to feed?”

“There’s just two of us, but we both eat a lot.”

“Are you going to put vegetables in with it like potatoes and carrots?” she asked.

“Potatoes, no carrots. We hate carrots.” His smile appeared a little more natural. It lit up his face and sparkled in his eyes.

For a moment, Libby could only stare up into his handsome face, and then she got back down to ground level and sighed. She’d never be able to deal with a man again. It was just too hard.

“This one will probably do for you. If you truly eat a lot, you may have a little left over for a sandwich later. Have you made this before?”

“Um, no. Thought it would be easy just to dump it into the crock pot with water and cook it on low for four or five hours.” He winced. “If it’s harder than that, maybe I should just skip it.”

“It’s not hard. Just grab a can of cream of mushroom soup and pour it in with a can or two of water, the cut-up potatoes, and let it cook. The meat will fall off the bone, and you’ll have gravy if you want to make it.”

“Thanks. That sounds easy enough. Is it okay if I get canned potatoes? Don’t much want to peel any.”

“As long as you get whole baby potatoes and not slices. The slices will cook too much and be mush.”

“Hey, I really appreciate it. I’m Dobbs Rhinehart. Everyone calls me Dobbs.” He held out his hand.

Libby jerked back before she could help it. He only wanted to shake her hand, but his sudden movement caught her off guard. Black spots appeared before her eyes even as her chest grew too tight to draw in a deep breath. She stepped back again and nearly bumped into someone’s cart. After a couple of seconds she’d regained control and put both hands on the handle of her cart.

“Hey, are you okay?” Dobbs asked. He didn’t move toward her.

“Yes, I think I’ve gotten too hot. Glad I could help. I need to go.” She left the meat section without her chicken and hurried to the front of the store.

I can’t believe I nearly had an attack right in the store. He wasn’t going to hurt me. He just wanted to thank me. I’m never going to be normal again.



Mayberry knelt in front of her, running his hands down her body as he kissed her belly. The edge of the bed was just behind her, and Dobbs helped her to lie back. While Mayberry explored her pussy with his mouth and tongue, Dobbs continued playing with her breasts. He pulled and twisted one while he sucked and nipped at the other. Between the two men, she knew she’d climax if they kept it up.

Mayberry entered her with two fingers, pumping her pussy as he tongued her clit. Little sparks of electricity flowed from her breasts to her cunt until she cried out between them as they drove her orgasm.

Before she’d had time to recover, they switched places, but this time they were both naked and Dobbs was standing between her legs slowly pumping his dick as he looked down at her wet folds.

“I can’t wait to get inside of you, sweetheart.” He slowly spread her legs and, grasping his cock, slipped inside of her one delicious inch at a time.

Once he was balls deep, he sighed with his eyes closed. Then he began to slowly pump in and out of her. Each slide of his thick cock over her sensitive tissues had her groaning with a building need.

Mayberry touched her cheek with two fingers. She turned and looked up at his engorged dick and opened her mouth. She could take him inside of her at the same time if she wanted.

Libby wanted.

She grabbed hold of his shaft and pulled him closer until she could suck his cockhead inside. He groaned as she slid her tongue all around the stalk then sucked him deeper. Libby tightened her grip around his penis and pulled him deeper until she couldn’t do anything but swallow around him then back off when she started to gag. He dug his fingers into her hair at the scalp as she moved up and down on his thick cock.

“Fuck, yeah, babe. You’re killing me with your mouth.”

“You should feel how she’s strangling me with her hot, wet cunt. I’m not going to last long.”

Libby moaned around Mayberry’s dick, allowing the vibrations to seep over his skin. He cursed and pulled back an inch.

“Babe, if you keep doing that, I’m going to come, and I want to come inside that pussy.” Mayberry grasped his cock in one hand and slowly moved it up and down. She whimpered, opening her mouth, but closed it again when Dobbs began shafting in and out of her hard and fast.

“Fuck, I’m coming, Libby. Hell yeah.” Dobbs’ voice sounded strained as he squeezed his eyes closed and his lips tightened in a grimace that looked almost painful.

When he’d finished, Dobbs nearly fell over on her as he gasped and panted to catch his breath. When he’d managed to take one good breath, he leaned over and kissed her before slowly pulling out and rolling to one side.

Mayberry felt his way around and off the bed to stand between her limp legs. He felt his way around her thighs with one hand as he held his dick with the other. Once he was able to enter her, he positioned one of her legs over his arm and began thrusting in and out of her at an angle that had Libby soaring once again. She couldn’t believe she was that close to another orgasm. With Dobbs working her up, it looked like Mayberry was going to shove her over.

He pummeled her with his dick, driving her higher as he pumped his cock into her cunt. Her pussy felt overly wet and slippery as he began to lose his rhythm just as her climax caught her off guard so that she couldn’t even scream. All she did was open her mouth and clamp down on Mayberry’s shaft so hard he lost it and came with her.

“Holy hell, that was fucking amazing,” he said. “I’m done for.”

She couldn’t help but laugh as he pulled out and collapsed on the other side of her. It would be a long time before she’d be able to say anything. Her breathing had yet to calm down.

She leaned over and kissed each man before snuggling up so that she was spooning Mayberry with Dobbs at her back. She started to tell them that she loved them, but before the words came out, she woke to a bright sunshiny morning.

But do they love me?


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